Cyber security – future articles

Nowadays, the Internet is means to virtually do anything. On our devices we store a huge amount of information about ourselves (personal data), our finances (access to payment and credit cards) and other confidential data (data of our loved ones, our passwords, etc.) Today, even more than before, it is important to use the network consciously, while paying attention to securing our data. Being a part of IT consulting industry, we ensure that our client’s data is safe and their activities in digital world – private. However, this problem is not unique to large enterprises. Today, private individuals are increasingly falling victim to digital attacks – often losing huge amounts of money.

So how can a common internet user prevent it from happening?

We are happy to answer this question with a series of mini-articles on various techniques.

Soon, on our website, among others:

  • whether everyone should use anti-virus software and to what extent it helps with security on a daily basis
  • what is VPN and why such solutions have become more and more popular in recent years
  • what is the Tor network, why it was created and what is its value for “ordinary” users
  • what daily habits increase the risk and which help to stay safe


Have a nice and safe day!

ZKIT team