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We help our clients find the best IT solutions

focusing on their current business needs with a glimpse into the future


Prepare and transform your IT infrastructure

to meet GDPR/RODO regulations




Digital Transformation

The process of modernizing IT solutions your business uses should never stop. In almost every industry, the process of adapting to new technologies available on the market counts the most. New solutions require transformation of business models, products and services. Digital transformation has become a necessity, no longer being just a side opportunity.

Our team consists of IT enthusiasts and highly skilled experts – we know technology not from digital marketing slogans. We will choose a solution suitable for you or create a new one, developed in a way to fully meet the needs of your company. We will also help you present your company in line with your vision.


IT support

We provide comprehensive customer support of IT systems administration and maintenance.

We are able to solve every encountered problem due to years of experience in the IT industry and reliable error reporting tools. We know that in business the continuity of the services provided is very important, therefore the response time to the encountered problem is reduced to a minimum.

Our offer is always tailored to your needs! We implement new solutions using the most efficient technologies. All our projects are based on global standards, using SCRUM and ITIL methodologies.


Cyber security

Every day the world breaks a new record for the amount of digitally stored information. This is often not information for public use, but confidential data of customers and transactions. Our company constantly monitors technological innovations related to cybersecurity. Thanks to this, we help our clients to secure the IT resources of the On-Premise and Cloud companies using proven methods of data and computer protection.

All implemented solutions aimed at securing personal data in the company comply with the requirements of the GDPR / RODO legal regulations.

With our support, the implementation of procedures in IT systems that meet the security standards related to the regulation will not pose any problem. We usually start our cooperation with an audit of the entire IT infrastructure of the company, then we present a plan to implement appropriate solutions to secure the network, personal data, backups and external media. We also focus our work on constant cooperation with data protection officers.

About Us

Who are we?

ZK IT Consulting was founded by experts in IT consulting, with a rich experience acquired over many years of work in the industry.

Our mission is to provide IT professional services such as securing digital infrastructure or implementing new technology solutions for business.

We offer reliability and professional approach, which results in creating close relationship with the customer. Therefore we are capable of finding the best solutions to the encountered difficulties.

Robert Kopaczel ZK IT


Entrepreneur with 8 years of experience in many industries, dealing with IT systems integration on a daily basis. In spare time lover of Italian cuisine and a travel enthusiast.

Aleksander Zień ZK IT


Passionate about IT industry, in particular new technology solutions, proven professional in ​​business integration.



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